Managing Activities
Managing Staff & Volunteers
Running The Organisation
Getting Young People Involved
Succession Planning
Planning before the Event or Activity
Managing The Activities
Evaluation and Review
Finding New Staff
Orientating and Inducting New Staff
Training Staff
Recognising and Awarding Volunteers
Managing Behaviour
Managing Bullying
Access and Equity
Child Protection
Clubs, Associations and Businesses
Running Meetings
Money Management
Getting Control of the Paperwork
Work Health and Safety
Planning For The Future
Understanding Youth Involvement
Taking Action: 10 Steps to Engaging Youth in Club Decision-Making
Helpful Links and Resources
Section 1: Introduction to Succession Planning
Section 2: The Succession Planning Process
Section 3: Crucial Ingredients for Steps 1-5
Step 1. Stop and Think
Step 2. Identify Barriers to Participation for Young People
Step 3. Decide How Your Club will Involve Young People in Decision-Making
Step 4. Form Community Partnerships
Step 5. Recruit Young People
Step 6. Induct Young People in to your Club General Induction Information
Step 7. Effectively Communicate with Young People
Step 8. Invest in Young People
Step 9. Mentor your Young Volunteers
Step 10. Recognise Volunteers and Thank Them for Their Work
Step 1: Examine your club’s position
Step 2: Identify skills required to fill critical roles in your club
Step 3: Assess the skills gap in your club and identify potential successors
Step 4: Develop and prepare potential successors
Step 5: Evaluate your succession plan



The toolkit sections titled “Induction”, “Managing Activities”, “Managing Staff and Volunteers”, and “Running the Organisation”  were compiled by David Smith, Youthwork and Welfare teacher at TAFE NSW Western Institute and Mark Horton, Regional Coordinator- Western, Communities NSW – Sport and Recreation.

The sections titled “Getting Young People Involved” and “Succession Planning” have been developed by Grace Brennan, Project Officer and Mark Horton, Regional Coordinator – Western, Communities NSW – Sport and Recreation. NSW Sport and Recreation would also like to acknowledge the Armidale Sports Council for their contribution to the development of these sections.

The six video attachments supporting each section were developed as a youth education project. Project Management, Mark Horton Regional Coordinator – Office of Sport and Recreation – Western,  The video script content and content oversight and narration by Jen Cowley, Oracle Solutions, Project Coordination Orana Arts Inc. Funding Facilitation Dubbo Youth Foundation, Funding Telstra and the Office of Communities Sport and Recreation - Western and Federal Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.  The project would like to thank the youth of Walgett, Coonabarabran and Dubbo.

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